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How does ShowMeLinks work?

ShowMeLinks is a powerful tool that helps you to make money from the content on your website. This is done
without the need to download any additional banners or advertising sections to your website.
ShowMeLinks instead, nicely transforms any links that on your website into affiliate links. So once a visitor makes a
purchase through the affiliate link – youmake some money!

Sign up, download and install some small code on your website.

Choose your preferred monetization tool and adjust the settings.

Start earning money from purchases made via your affiliate links!

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Configure your settings and watch ShowMeLinks complete everything automatically!
Links Replacer

This tool will automatically transform links on your webpage to that of affiliate links. The visitor will not notice any changes but if he makes a purchase via your affiliate link, you get some profits!

Phrase Replacer

Through automatic monitoring, this tool will locate particular phrases within your content and convert them into an affiliate link that comes complete with a pop-up banner and product information.

URL constructor

Generate your own personal affiliate links for specific products and services, post them on your blogs or social media platform and earn cash from every purchase achieved!

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